Sunday, January 15, 2012

Baby Dream!

Had my first dream about the baby:) Well, I didn't meet the baby yet but I was at the hospital three weeks before the due date and apparently I was in labour. The doctor asked if I had girl and boy names picked out yet and I said just the girl one. She said, `I think that's all you need!' after looking at the ultrasound. She also said the baby would be in the 8lb range:) I said `Not likely!'.

In other news, this snow is awesome!! I'm so glad we have winter weather. Finally. I love that we have snow tires. I love that the boys love the snow. I'm hoping to get some good photos of them in the snow because I love it as a backdrop.

And finally, my sciatica is seriously a pain in the butt. Yesterday afternoon we went for a walk and I had to lay down for 2 hours afterwards to actually be able to walk around again. If I'm sitting or laying, it's fine. I'm not a sitting/laying type person. Thank goodness I'm not teaching. I went to chiropractor but I'm thinking I would have to go every week for relief? I did not like the experience at all and was cramping for 4 hours thank you. My sister recommended someone else so we will see. I'll see how a massage therapist does with it this week. I wish my body would behave. To anyone who has ever had sciatica, I feel your pain. It sucks big time. I don't know how I'll do 4.5 more months of this with an even bigger baby belly. Sorry to be all `woe is me', but I feel like I'm falling apart from head (jaw) to toe.

Off to church and then...taking the boys sledding!! And then, snuggles with my new baby niece and nephew!! Woohoo. (**I added some pictures from this afternoon**)
My two little (sleep deprived) sisters with my newest niece and nephew!
Hannah-the expert sleeper and farter. Three weeks old.
Isaac-the `I wanna stay awake' guy with the heavy breathing. One week old.
Both super cute and such a gift. Oh, and both filling up on momma milk and gaining some serious poundage! Both are about 9.5-10lbs each:)

PS Have I told you that three year olds are possibly the cutest things ever?! Koen's two huge dimples and silly personality bring me so many smiles. He is adorable.


  1. So fun to have cousins growing up close in age! I sure hope Isaac gives Jackie some rest!

  2. Hey - I should have come to get some cuddles :) Looking good momma's :) Oh, and very, very cute babies.

  3. Sweet little niece and nephew. I hope Isaac decides soon to let his parents get some sleep.

  4. Boo on sciatica! I had it with Addison and it sucked. I've probably had it on and off for the past few years. I found that with being a preggo it was best for me to go for a massage and then go to the chiro to get everything put back together and so on so forth. I did that for the last trimester very frequently! I found that my chiropractor dude didn't resolve the sciatica but with the combination of the two it helped more. Best of luck with the sciatica! Woohoo on the massage!! I'm looking forward to starting those up again!

  5. Yipee! Congratulations to Trish and Jackie!! The babies are both adorable!