Monday, January 02, 2012

19 Weeks

I am feeling really good. My sciatic pain has gotten much better. I just sort of feel it in my butt when I walk for a long time but it's not painful, just a bit uncomfortable. I'm at the stage where I totally forget I'm pregnant until baby kicks me or I try to bend over. On New Years Eve, the baby kicked or punched so hard that I could see it on the outside for the first time. Gary got to feel it which was cool.

The baby room is painted and the dresser is assembled. Now, we await the gender to finish decorating it. It's looking good!

I haven't been sleeping as well lately which is annoying. It's not that I'm not tired, I almost always feel sleepy at 7pm but then get a second wind and usually head to bed at 11pm. However, I don't fall asleep until midnight or so.

I've been reading a lot of birth books. The plan is a VBA2C unless something comes up in the meantime (placenta previa, breech etc). I know you can deliver breech but that is not something I'm willing to do with a big baby, especially if it has a Kai size head. I'll be seeing the OB on the 23rd so we'll see what he thinks about me doing a VBA2C.

I'm thinking I should do aquafit each week but not sure if I'm motivated or not:) Usually motivation is not a problem for exercise but when it's not as convenient (drive to the pool) it's harder to do.

So far I have gained a total of 7lbs. The reason I haven't gained anything in the last week is because I've just been putting on all the weight I lost with the flu. I know I will be packing on some serious pounds in the last trimester:)

I feel like I've been pregnant for 2 years just because we have waiting for a baby since we started our adoption process in Jan 2010. We are ready and eager to meet this little babe...once he/she is ready:)

Love, Louise


  1. you look great! hope you start sleeping better :)

  2. Such a cute photo... and I'm sorry, are you standing OUTSIDE the front of your house in JANUARY in a t-shirt beside green grass?

    Not fair.

  3. Caryn, did not even think about how crazy that is:) Can I be a bit jealous of you? We had to drive 45 minutes to find snow this winter...sort of lacked a Christmas feel around here.