Thursday, June 23, 2011


Today I took the camera while the kiddos had swimming lessons. Who knew the lighting was so good in there? Just sat on my butt and used the 70-200mm while Koen kept dashing for the pool:)
Kai's favourite part of swimming lessons is that he is in the same class as his cousin, Izzy. The other girl is my niece Ani who is a level ahead of Kai.
{So proud that he can totally put his head under now and does it all the time.}
{Izzy does not love putting her head in...yet}
{Ani, the expert back floater}
{It's great that Kai is now close to Ani and Izzy. Yay for cousins!}
{Poor Koen, not so fun to just watch. Can you tell he went to bed with wet hair last night? Yikes.}

{You can see that Kai is the oldest in his class:}

{And Kenzie. She is on some serious food restrictions, and therefore Maria is too, due to allergies (no dairy, eggs, wheat etc). Her face is clearing up as it used to be covered in a raw rash from the allergies.}

In other news: Gary got his first hair cut in 6 years from someone other than me!


  1. i love watching kids swimming :) last set of lessons T was in i did not have my 50mm f/1.8 and i can't WAIT for her next set! my other lens was not sufficient to get great pictures, so i'm hoping for more next time!

  2. We aren't allowed to take pictures at our pool during lessons. :(. So sad for us!

  3. Awww I love a good swimming post!! (I still work at a pool) Yay for him doing well in lessons :)