Friday, June 24, 2011

Kai's Grad & Cars 2

Today Kai has his graduation from preschool. He has been there for 2 years so I do feel an emotional attachment to that location. Only one friend will be going to the same school as him next year so that will be a big change. Another of the boys is our neighbour so we will definitely keep in touch with him! It might seem silly to celebrate a graduation from preschool but really, it was good. They have spent two years together and have learned a lot. I'm proud of my Kai Bear.

Kai was tired before it began so he was much quieter than normal. Gary was able to make it and his mom came as well.
They did three plays and Kai was in the final one; Three Billy Goats Gruff. He was the middle billy goat.
I have loved our experience with this preschool and Kai has too. I would have to say though, that we are really looking forward to moving on to kindergarten and just something different.
After the graduation, we went straight to the theatre to see Cars 2. I thought there would be a huge line up but there wasn't! The boys loved sitting in the theatre, especially Koen as it was his first time.
It was quite different than the first movie as there were so many more characters and it was based on spies and bad guys etc. Kai probably only understood half of it, Koen, well, he loved the popcorn! He would also shout out Cars names that he knew when he saw them, but really, it was based mostly on Mater. He was in awe of the whole experience:)
It was nice having Gary home for the day! Looking forward to the summer and all our adventures. We are looking forward to Whistler and the Oregon Coast as well as day trips like Science World and the waterslides.
We picked up our super fun package of frames from The Organic Bloom. I had discovered them on facebook through a contest of sorts and fell in love with them. We now offer them through GC Photography so if you're ever interested in ordering them, let me know, as they only distribute frames to photographers. The two below are a sample of some 8X10's.

Gary and I are having our couple photo session next month and I can't wait! I'm getting my hair and make up done because I never had it done for my wedding and I just wanna feel pretty. Then I can put some of those photos up in our home too because I definitely got more than just these 2 frames:) I also have one with a chalkboard insert to write messages on like `Thank you', `Grad 2011' etc. Should be good!

I know no one reads blogs on Friday but I had to post now because this next week involves photographing a wedding and 6 sessions! Wow, that sounds crazy. I've stopped booking for the rest of the year and the other months should be averaging just two sessions a week which is a good amount.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Love, Louise


  1. I read blogs on a Friday. What does that say about me? :). Love the graduation pictures. I think celebrating the end of pre-school is so important. It is a very big deal! Congratulations Kai!

  2. T didn't have a preschool graduation (though they did send home a diploma) and i was a bit sad about that. but they did have two great year-end parties :) crazy that our kids are going to kindergarten!
    i loveloveLOVE those frames. and how exciting that your photo shoot is coming up!! makes me wish I didn't have to wait another 2-3 years for ours!

  3. Kai looks so handsome! I love it! Glad they both enjoyed the movies, and you.

  4. I have never seen frames like those - they are great looking!

  5. I have long admired Organic Bloom frames. Good to know that you offer them :)
    Kai looks so handsome in his tie :)

  6. Yay kai!! Growing up so fast:) You guys got popcorn at the movies??? HOpe you had a coupon!