Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tongue Tied and Reflux

I found this article interesting. If there is just one person that this helps, then it's worth it for me to post it!

Koen was quite tongue tied and a nurse was the one that recognized it in the hospital. Because breastfeeding was working (although extremely painful for 2 months due to being tongue tied), they did not clip his frenulum. If it is true that being tongue tied is related to reflux as well, I am regretting even more that I did not encourage my doctor to clip it. The doctor said we would wait and see if it affected his speech. Koen had to be upright after every feed, had pain with his reflux, had to sleep on his tummy, and had to be held for most of the day. It does not affect him anymore (that I know of) but I wish I had been a bit more `pushy' with the doctor.

So, if your baby is born tongue tied (which you can see when they stick their tongue out, it doesn't go out far and it is heart shaped), please consider having their frenulum snipped. The end.


  1. I definitely find this article very interesting, Weezer (after a quick skim ;) ). Just wondering - I know Koen had colic as well as stomach issues...did Kai have colic, did he have any mouth issues?
    Very interesting find, though! I mean, it kinda sounds like it makes sense! It'll be interesting to see research articles/studies on this topic!

  2. Jackie, not sure what you are getting at in regards to Kai and Koen but...Kai had colic for just a few months but no tongue tie or reflux or anything. Koen had tongue tie and reflux, not colic:) His discomfort was because of the reflux.

  3. Hiya
    Thanks for sharing the article - just to add though that only certain tongue ties will pull the tongue into a heart shape. Others don't but can cause just as many problems!

  4. I was told the samething by my doctor when my daughter was born with it 5 years ago. Now that I read your post I am thinking <" Oh is that why she never slept well but in our arms and why she threw up after each feeding? Interesting