Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

It started at 6:30am when I heard Kai run to the garage to get his Diego tray. He really wanted to use it for Gary's breakfast in bed. Kai washed the grapes and I got the scrambled eggs ready (with Kai's help). Koen got up and we all went to give Gary his breakfast in bed:)

Kai was so excited and Koen was great with his `Happy Father's Day!'. Kai told Gary that it was his day and he could do whatever he wanted. We gave him his gifts which were some frames the boys decorated with their pictures in them, shorts, and hiking stuff.
{Please note that Gary is wearing jeans...I bought him some new ones. He only wears jeans about 3 times a year:) Please note that he also needs a hair cut.}

We went to church and then this evening we went out for dinner. The original plan was a picnic in the park but the weather wasn't really behaving. Kai was desperate to go somewhere with a menu and was trying to encourage Gary to pick the Olive Garden (Kai loves the bread).
On the way to the Olive Garden, this was a conversation with the boys:

Kai: Koen, I'm going to teach you everything I know. Okay? Insects have 6 legs. They also have three body parts; a head, thorax and abdomen. Can you remember that?
Koen: No
Kai: Well, can you try your best?
Koen: Yes

They are just so funny. They have really started to bond even more lately. Koen always wants to be near Kai and Kai wants to teach Koen everything. Kai is such a good brother. He shares his treats with Koen which is so sweet to see. They make me laugh all the time although I have to say that Kai's excitement for everything is pretty exhausting! I wonder where he gets that from...:)

Gorgeous and unique wedding yesterday. I love different, especially after 40 weddings or so!! My best friend Lynette and her husband Bryan watched the boys. The boys had a blast as they live on a farm.

Gary, good job being a super awesome dad. We've got a couple of amazing kids.
Love, Louise


  1. love the conversation between your boys. so cute.

  2. hilarious conversation between the boys :)
    mmmm....olive garden!

  3. lou i ve never seen gary in jeans. ever. in like 5 years