Tuesday, June 07, 2011

What's In Your Wallet?

The other day we were waiting at a light with a train that took forever, so, I just looked through my wallet. Here are some interesting things I found:

1. My wedding dress receipt. It's dated Feb. 9, 2005. I spent $1068.18 on my dress. That was 1/5 of our wedding budget:) I was just going to get a simple dress for our somewhat casual outdoor wedding but decided to get a real wedding dress. My mom helped me pick it out.

2. A Valdez Fishing Derby sticker from our honeymoon in Alaska (August '05). I love Valdez. Gorgeous.

3. A 5000 shilling bill from Tanzania (I think worth $10) from 2004.

4. A raffle ticket that cost me 20 shillings from Kenya. It was to win a chicken and the raffle was to raise money for a church. I didn't win.

5. Two `love notes' from Gary. One written while we were engaged and one in the first year of our marriage. Some Gary-ish lines in them?

`I think you're hot when you get mad at me'
`I love that you get excited about little things, like saving 50cents on pecan sticky buns.'
`I promise you're smart'.
`You smell nice on most days'
`You always know the time'
(there were some sweet things in there like `your smile lights up the room' and `you challenge the way I think' and `I love that you look out for and care for other people' and `you are open about who you are'.).

Anything random, yet special, that you carry in your wallet or purse?


  1. that's awesome!! I hope you keep those things :)

  2. that's fantastic!!!! :)
    i keep my wallet and purse really clean, emptying after any time i buy anything (to keep track of our spending).
    but i keep things like that in another drawer - a movie ticket from our first date, the temporary car insurance for Alf's old car from our wedding day, all our monthiversary cards from dating (and all notes/letters he gave me).

  3. Wow - that is some random stuff! Don't think I can beat that.Your wallet must be HUGE!

  4. My wallet isn't really that messy or big, I just like having unique memories like that with me:)

  5. all i have: speeding ticket written warning, guitar pick, ani's newspaper birth announcement, directions to joannes house, and my SIN card hand written on a piece of paper by mom. Pretty random, but I like your love letters better.
    You win.

  6. Anonymous9:33 PM

    all I have is expired coupons and Canadian Tire money :)

  7. my purse is multipurpose. diapers, chapstick, soother, a sleeper, a whistle(?)s, earrings, and peppermints. my wallet is full of receipts, cards and a notepad. (no pen in the purse - notepad useless!) :)