Saturday, June 04, 2011


Today was my last game of the season. I love playing football. A lot. I was only able to make about half the games this season so that was a bit sad, but still, thankful to play! We are one of the only teams that do not have a coach (not by choice, our last one moved away a year over a year ago) so it's a bit tough to grow as a team, especially as we are getting just a bit older and possibly slower:) I've been playing with these girls (ha ha, girls! The average age is probably 33 or so?) for 6 years and hope to continue playing.

Gary came with the boys today. He doesn't usually come as it's about an hour drive (in Vancouver). Gary took a few photos, while playing with the kids, and I realize now how hilarious I look. You have to wear your shirt tucked in and in every running photo, my face looks like it must have when I was giving birth.

{I would edit the purple off of our faces below, but that's the actual colour of our faces. It was HOT! I just like that we are both suspended in the air:)}

Good times. Now, to get in super fit shape for the fall season!

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