Saturday, April 09, 2011

Heart Smile of the Week

{Heart smile=warm and fuzzy feeling}
Kai is not a fish. Kai is in the beginner class at swimming lessons. The teacher asked him to put his forehead in and he said he was scared and just put his ear in. Five minutes later, she asked him to do it again. He looked way across the pool at me and I pointed at my forehead and gave him a huge smile. He proceeded to put his forehead in the water. He looked back at me with a huge grin and a thumbs up. I gave him the same thing back. Something so small, but still, I'm proud of my Kai Bear.


  1. he is a brave one! didn't take him long to overcome his fear. Good job Kai!

  2. YEAH KAI!

    Louise, I have taught the Red Cross Aqua Tots programs and that is really common! I don't do the tot age anymore, only the lifesaving stuff now, but I remember that in ever class there were some kids that jump right in, others that took several sessions for them to get brave enough to put their full face or head in. One great thing to do is to practise it in the tub at home too.

    (Is he in the "Sea Turtle" level right now?)

    Oh, I love little kids learning at the pool! I can't wait to hear more about how it goes for him!

  3. both my boys are in the beginner level for their age group. And they both get to repeat that same level again. :)

  4. Caryn-I think the levels are a bit different everywhere, but he is a `Seastar'. Grandma and Grandpa have a hot tub so he often tries to `practice' in there (he puts his hands on his face and touches those to the water):) I'll be sure to blog again on how it's going:)

    Rachel-Kai took the first level when he was three and he was just way too young:) A year and a half makes SUCH a difference!