Thursday, April 07, 2011

Back To Reality

I went from having such a Spring Break high to reality hitting on Tuesday. In the grand scheme, it's no big deal, but for our daily life, it hasn't been all roses. I've been trying to potty train Koen and he's not napping anymore. He would nap, but then he's up past 9pm. To ensure that Gary and I have our evenings together, I am putting up with a crazy monkey in the afternoon, without a break. At least he watches tv while he plays with his cars so that I can still get some work done in the afternoon! Koen used to sleep in until 8am, but now, he wakes up around 6:30am and goes into Kai's room to wake him up too. Great.

I tried taking both boys to swimming lessons but having Koen run around the ladies change room (family ones all full) and trying to find out what locker he's hidden himself in while I help dress a soaking wet Kai bear was so not fun. I turned into `mean mom'. Today I brought Koen to my sisters house during that hour and it was a billion times bettter.
(I'm sad that Koen's curls are all gone and his has the same straight hair as Kai. I've just always found curly hair to be so cute:)
In regards to potty training, he's sort of at 50%. I'll spare you the details but it's really that he'll go if I take him at the right time. Otherwise, he'll pee his pants, no problem. Of course he doesn't love it when I take him to the bathroom so that's really fun. I think I'll try for 24 more hours but I have a feeling he'd be more ready in a few months. If you haven't trained a boy before, it is important that they push their penis down when they are peeing. Koen has no idea why this is important and today he was holding it up and peed all over his face. Yes. He didn't even mind.
Kai is doing so well. He has started sounding out words which is really fun. Yesterday we were reading a book and he would sound out ever 5th word or so (and, led, hit, sat, etc). He is a really good kid. The only thing that has changed a bit is that he gets upset a little more drastically when he feels that he did something naughty or if he really wants something and I say no. He never used to get upset by those things but now he will cry and cry and just say he is so sad. I'm thinking that it's because he's so tired from our holidays but maybe he's just getting older and expressing his sadness a bit more? The other day Gary told him a bedtime story that was `too scary' and he was pretty upset. So strange to see him so emotional. Maybe he'll be like me:) His favourite thing to talk about these days are infections/immune system. He said the dryer ball looked like a virus which is so true. Because he has a cold, we get to talk about it a lot.
Gary and I did another `Insanity' workout last night (hence the sweaty thumbs up photo). It is seriously the highlight of my day. I missed working out with Gary so much and I didn't even realize it! When we were dating/first married (aka not pregnant), we would always go hiking, biking, running etc. The best part is that my body is doing what it's supposed to. A year ago, my heart rate would be up to 200bpm within a minute of running. Now, I did the whole 40 minute workout and didn't hit 190bpm until about 10 minutes in. I didn't get higher than that and easily came back down during a water break. I am so thankful to have a properly functioning body. I only take my meds every 4 days or so, yippee! By the way, we didn't buy the Insanity program, we are borrowing some of the disks from friends of ours who are doing it 6 days a week. It is so great to sweat so much and work so many muscles at once. You know when you can feel sweat running down your back? Awesome:)

Have a great day.
Love, Louise


  1. ha - love the workout picture :) never heard of the insanity workout - i may have to look it up, i need a change! :)

  2. It sounds frustrating. I'm sorry. I remember when you went through this stage wi Kai and know Koen will grow out of it to be a nerd too. By that stage Kai may be a punk and you'll be wringing you hands? The adventures...

    I'm not going to look up the insanity workout. Sounds crazy.