Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nerdy Science Guy

1. Kai ate two bowls of cereal and two pieces of toast for breakfast. That means he's better! Woohoo! He has never had digestive issues like that in his life and I've never seen him eat so little for so long. Phew.

2. Marriage workshop got posptoned to the following week due to the Canucks game tonight. Good thing because I don't know what Gary would've chosen:)
3. I love cleaning our house. Our house is not spotless but it is neat and organized (except for our garage and my bedroom closet!!!). I know it's weird to like cleaning. My mom did such a great job of keeping our house clean and I'm glad she passed that on to me.
4. Kai can sound out and spell three letter words and can recognize numbers up to 100.
5. Koen can recognize about half of the upper case letters and count to 10. Potty training is a little more work with this guy...he is dry all day as long as we take him to the bathroom every hour or two. At least we're just down to one diaper a day now (at night)!
6. No pictures of the kids today but here's a video I found from a few weeks ago...it shows a bit of Kai's nerdiness:)

(When he says `bones that connect when you're old' he's referring to the fact that babies bones are not completely fused when they're born.)

Have a wonderful week and enjoy that hockey game tonight!
Love, Louise


  1. Love the quick run to the potty at the end....so classic!

  2. I am so nervous for this game that I am reading blogs while I watch to distract myself :) While I was reading yours - they scored! Yahoo! :)

  3. That video is way too cute!!! :)

  4. That is really very super cute!! A very clever boy indeed.