Saturday, April 23, 2011


So tired. Kai Bear still sick and on day 4 of not really eating. Here's some of our weekend...
{Doing a play with the Chapman cousins..a sort of modern day bible story. Kai was Jesus' guard and didn't have too many lines so he made some up:) I think he looks so much like his cousin Jayden who is sitting beside him.}
{Koen thought Kai was funny.}
{Koen joined in the play.}
{There was the yearly massive Easter Egg hunt at gramma and grandpa's house. I know I'm a party pooper, but I'm not really a fan. Gary would say that it's because we didn't do it as kids but I feel like it really takes away from what Easter is about. Also, the last thing we need in the house is a giant pile of candy. I know, I'm ridiculous.}
{The kids loved it. Although, Kai hasn't eaten any yet. I may have to help him out.}
{And random but I LOVE it when the boys wash the van with Gary. It means it's sunny, the boys are with Gary and my van gets clean:)}
{In other random news...we bought another 5D this weekend. Our 7D was not cutting it. Nothing beats a full frame. The 7D is now a back up. I still like the 7D, just don't love it. I don't know how Gary talks me into these things but when you have two photographers, you sort of do need ample back up equipment:) For moments that can not be re-done like births and weddings, you can't mess that up!}
{Today, we have been waiting 8 months for a baby. I guess it just means we're getting closer. No new news.}
{You can't tell, but Koen is wearing undies in these photos:) He still has a ways to go but my baby is growing up!}
{Kai's eye using a lens extender.}
Tired. So tired. The boys haven't been sleeping well and we had a wedding today. My dream is to sleep in until 8am.
{Koen's eye using one. So hard to get him to sit still:)}

Oh, I forgot to mention that I was accepted by Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (photography provided for families of newborns that have passed away or are dying). I'm totally nervous about the emotional aspect, but, I really feel like I have a bit of a gift and I'm glad that I will be able to potentially help a family through the grieving process through photography. I'm also flattered that they think I'm `good enough'. I still have some paperwork and training to do before I'm `active'...likely in a month or so.

Hoping to spend a bit more focussed time talking to the boys about Easter Sunday tomorrow...


  1. NILMDTS is a GREAT organization! They took pictures for friends of mine when their son was born.
    Happy Easter! Hope Kai feels better soon! :)

  2. I think you will do a wonderful job with NILMDTS - It will be heart wrenching I'm sure, but rewarding for you to be helping give these families photographic memories of the short time they had with their beloved children.

  3. I completely agree with you about easter egg hunts.
    I don't understand them at all, I don't understand why Christians do easter egg hunts. I always felt this was a tradition that people who don't know about Jesus do.
    Yesterday my inlaws had an easter egg hunt as they have always done, I am glad I don't have kids so I don't have to avoid participating.
    But this year they decided to put out a few eggs for the adults, I didn't go look for mine. My sister in law said to me "Maria get into the spirit, join in" , I thought "the spirit of what?!"
    Yah maybe I'm a scrooge (I can't even fake excitement) I just smile when the kids run back and show me all the goodies they got.

  4. Anonymous12:58 PM

    The egg has long represented rebirth in nature in numerous cultures, as Christianity spread the Easter egg changed to a symbol for rebirth of Jesus/mankind. Also, meat and eggs were often not eaten during lent, so at Easter the eating of eggs as well as meat was a celebration to mark the resurrection. Eggs later became common gift, thus giving birth to painted eggs and then chocolate eggs.

    - Grandparents of the World

  5. Thank you anonymous. Good to know the meaning behind those eggs. I think it would be good to talk with the kiddos about why they are getting all these chocolate eggs. And, don't get me wrong, I'm fine with a few easter eggs...just not 100:)

  6. I'm with the others Louise- you have both the photography skills and the empathy to do fabulous with MILMDTS. Regarding Easter, I've been learning recently, that what I grew up believing about Easter is not exactly accurate. As I've done some digging in Christianity's Hebrew roots I've discovered that the Biblical context (Passover) is not consistent with the church tradition of Easter. Constantine incorporated Easter into church tradition from Greek mythology. So, maybe that's the reason why some of us have been uncomfortable with easter eggs, rabbits, etc. Nancy
    (one article that explains it fairly well is, though even the Catholic encyclopedia talks about the pagan origins of Easter.

  7. major congrats on being accepted for NILMDTS - that's so fantastic and agree you will do an amazing job at it.
    a lens extender, eh? I'm not familiar with that, so I'll have to do some research! great eye pictures tho!
    and another congrats on the new 5D - that's exciting!

  8. Kelly-a lens extender just goes between the camera and lens. It allows you to get much closer (increase magnification). We usually use it on our ring shots. It's hard to use on moving kids, that's for sure! Cheap alternative to a macro lens:)