Thursday, April 21, 2011


Last night I realized Kai had a fever. At midnight he called us to his room because he was puking. He handled it all quite well and for the rest of the night, he managed to use the bucket but still called me in. So gross but he didn't complain. Well, that's one way to get out of today's swimming lessons. He has decided that swimming lessons are terrible and that he just wants to be an ice skater. This is all because he is too scared to put his whole head under.

Koen is doing okay potty training wise. As long as we take him to the toilet, he'll pee on it but he still won't go on his own. We're sticking with it, it's not really a big deal. If he pees his pants, we just change him. No biggie.

Gary and I had our second marriage workshop and this one was on communication. Considering that we are very, very different communicators (I need to talk about every single thing, Gary would like to talk sports), we do communicate quite well. We do have conflict, often, but that's healthy because we deal with it. It's interesting to see how the families we come from play into it. I'm the oldest of 5 girls (a whole lotta talking all the time about everything) and he is the youngest of 3 boys (not so much talking from the boys). Anyway, we took a test on our communicator styles and were able to recognize our strengths and weaknesses.
This Saturday is when the crazy busy schedule begins in regards to photography. I'm as booked up as I would like to be until September which is awesome. I have recently raised my prices a bit because being so busy indicates that I probably wasn't charging enough:) I'm waiting until closer to the fall before I start accepting any more family sessions because if we do bring a baby home then, that is all I want to be focussed on. It does make me a bit nervous every time we accept a wedding because what would happen if we were chosen on the weekend of a wedding? Yikes.

Nothing new on the adoption front. Just waiting:) There have been a whole lotta pregnancy announcements lately which is always awesome and at the same time, a reminder that this is so out of my hands. I have to say though, that for being a major planner/control freak, I am shocked by how relaxed I am about it. I feel so much peace about where we are and I feel like we are totally where we are supposed to be. Yes, hard to wait, but I know this is right.

Well, I've got couple of kids yelling for me. Let the fun begin!
Love, Louise


  1. Hope Kai's sickness is short-lived and that the rest of you don't get it. Have a Happy Easter weekend!

  2. aw, i hope Kai feels better soon!
    i think marriage courses are ALWAYS good, no matter how long you've been married and how strong or weak your marriage is. They're always beneficial :)
    Good for you for raising your prices - I do think you were definitely due for that. :)