Friday, November 06, 2009


(All pictures taken with our 50mm lens, it's my favourite)
Risky to post on a Friday because no one comments but oh well, I've got some pictures to post. Me with my Kai bear.

Brothers. Kai loved an excuse to give his brother a squishy hug. Good thing Koen is a little more durable these days:)
I love this picture....

Wanted to get some more shots of the kids from above. I find that is a great way to get nice bright eyes. Koen didn't cooperate and Kai did, um, for a snack. Good thing I'm reading the parenting book `Honey, I Wrecked the Kids' right now because bribery probably isn't best. It just works so well...:)

Love the natural light in front of our south facing window!

Kai loves jumping from the bench to the couch. I kind of like it because he's been a bit of a chicken so far (totally because I'm a safety freak) so I like to see him being a bit wilder in that sense.

The Koke-inator has about 4 teeth on the way...poor guy. Not so fun. Also the top ones are the ones outside of the front teeth, that'll look awkward!

Realize there's very few pictures of me...I should probably get one of Gary too:)

We've got a few shoots this weekend (4 in one week!) and I'm confident the weather will not cooperate. Oh well, we'll make it work. Thankfully two are in the studio. Everyone wants their Christmas photos!

Gary is now into basketball. This is where I rarely spend an evening with my husband for 4 months. Usually (oh, this is bad), they don't do super well so don't go too far past February. I just feel bad for Gary because he is so crazy busy.

Here is the brochure that I took photos for. It's a fundraising campaign for the high school (and elementary and middle school) that we both teach at. Well, I guess that I've taught at:)

The girl below was on the cover....she's so adorable.

Below is Kai's first painting of a person and he chose to paint daddy. I was so proud of him as he has done nothing remotely close to that. Ever. Apparently he likes painting. Arms out of the it:)

Over the past two days Koen has learned how to stand up on his own (in the middle of the room) and how to high five. So cute. Below is his teething face.

I had said I would stop breastfeeding him at 10 months and I think I will slowly wean him now. Truthfully, teeth still freak me out and also, I really feel nutritionally deprived. My nails are more brittle than they have ever been. I wonder if it will help with my hyperthyroidism to stop. So, I just need to go out and get the whole milk. Every time I go though, I just think, hmmm...just a bit longer maybe:)
Have a great weekend everyone!!


  1. fantastic pictures - i like taking pictures from above too...i find it more flattering, especially on people who are feeling self conscious about their weight or appearance. but you're right about the bright eyes - i like that.
    i LOVE the close up of Kai in the stripes.

  2. You're photos are fantastic, Louise! I really liked the picture of Koen and his shadow. :)

  3. Thanks for posting, even though it's Friday and nobody comments. Your kids are cute.

  4. Anonymous3:55 AM

    the brochure looks great! you're so very good at

    have a great weekend yourself!


  5. do you mean that Koen is getting what I like to call his vampire teeth? Ayva's teeth came in like that, and Livia's are following the same pattern. it does look strange, but it's kind of cute, too. i'm about ready to fully wean Livia, too. i guess i want a bit of break before the next kid comes.

  6. More great shots of you guys. I really like the one of Kai jumping. Great sense of the action! I also really like the portrait of mohawk-wearing Kai. The brochure looks terrific! Great job. Hmm, some commercial jobs in the works for GC Photography?

    Nice painting Kai! I love the way the arms and legs come out of the head at this age. So fun.

    I don't remember the appearance of teeth impacting breastfeeding whatsoever, except maybe nursing more often for comfort when it hurt. And biting can hurt even when the teeth aren't up yet- they are still hard there under the surface. Good luck with the cow's milk- I remember you were worried about how he would tolerate it.

  7. Poor Koen - all those teeth all at once.
    Glad you made your decision - good for you!!

  8. props for meeting and exceeding your breastfeeding goals! The teeth aren't so bad, though! Good luck with the whole milk...introduce slowly and hopefully he will do well!

    nice pix.

  9. I like the photo with Koen's shadow that show his huge ears :)

  10. Great Job on the brochure!

  11. Nice work on the brochure shots. I think it's great you can help the school out with fund-raising.