Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Teething Pteradactyl

Oh man...Koen is a bit of a monster these days!! I know it's his teeth, I have to remember to give him his teething tablets more frequently. Two teeth are through and 3 more are just below the surface. It doesn't help that he fell down a bunch of stairs today either...he is one tough cookie! He has an insatiable appetite. Not for milk (although he loves it and is fine with breast milk or whole milk), but for food. He will eat more than Kai. He will screech and claw at whatever I am eating. He likes everything and anything, except for scrambled eggs. His newest love is vegetarian chili. I'm not a fan of this screeching and grunting. I guess I should be working on signs with him but Kai spoke quite early so I guess I'm just hoping for the same thing:) Koen is pretty tiny. I mean, he hasn't gained any weight in about 3 months (which is totally normal) but he just looks so small walking around...all 21.5lbs of him.
Kai is awesome. Today when I told said that I was leaving his room (we were playing) to go downstairs, he said, `I'm really not impressed'. He is learning all of his shapes at preschool and yesterday they covered triangles and octagons. They made the shapes by gluing Q-tips onto paper. I guess he knows how to glue now:) Kai is big. Like stocky. I can't imagine what he would look like if he didn't eat as healthy as he does. His favourite snack of the month are apple slices. He probably has 2 apples a day and would eat way more if I let him. We do not let him eat junk food, although he has been having a small smartie pack every other day or so (left over Halloween treats). I guess he also gets a super dilute hot chocolate every day...I don't know what he would do if he had a real hot chocolate one day and found out how much sugary cocoa is really supposed to go in there:) It's a good way to get him to drink a lot of milk. I find that he is really affected by sugar, not so much in energy, but in attitude. I don't need any more attitude, thanks!

Nothing really new here. I'm not enjoying this weather, it keeps us so cooped up in the house as it is so cold and windy out there.

I am feeling very `different' today. Just extremely tired (and I slept well last night) and cold. Frustrating. My heart rate is way down so I don't know which meds I'm supposed to stop taking...maybe the beta blockers? I don't know. I have started a new blog devoted to my thyroid so that I don't bore you with it here, and, I'm hoping it may be a resource for anyone who ever goes through it. I'm nervous for maternity leave ending in 2 weeks. We have never existed on one income before. Gary is not concerned, but then again, not much phases him:)

My dad has officially moved out of his house. Sad. I went there last night, and it was him and I sitting on the only two chairs left in the entire house and we talked about he good ole days. Maybe therapeutic? Okay, better figure out what Kai has gotten into....


  1. Lightning McQueen is popular on the Christmas list here too :)

  2. Your kids are such wonderful little characters! You are doing suh a great job nurturing them and supporting their individuality.

    Apples are a favorite snack in our house too. We got through them like crazy.

    Sounds like a perfect way to close the chapter... just you and your Dad in the empty house.

  3. a saying I've heard is, "Teething bites!" And boy, does it ever! Hope he gets those next 3 through soon! :)
    what is with second born kids and their appetites! Though i know boys normally have more appetite than girls, but i'm impressed that koen eats more than kai!
    love the hot chocolate trick...i wonder who will 'accidentally' ruin him with a 'real' hot chocolate :)
    glad you could spend one last evening in the house with your dad.