Thursday, November 05, 2009

Thyroid Diet and Cute Kids

(Pictures throughout the post are of the kids at Derby Reach that I took before our friends goT there:)))
All right, my thyroid. I have decided not to depend solely on my medication because that would never work. I have realized how much my thyroid is affected by my day to day activities. I NEED to eliminate stress from my life, or change my attitude towards it. I was once, okay, probably always, been considered a bit of a stress case. I think Gary has taught me to calm down a bit as he is the exact opposite. Any kind of stress, such as trying to get somewhere on time (I always end up early), trying to find something that I put away, feeling like the house is too messy...makes my symptoms way worse. I need to change my mindset. I am wanting to start doing yoga to relax. Thankfully the kids don't stress me out. They may annoy me at times, but they don't stress me.

Foodwise, there is a `hyperthyroidism diet' out there. NO wheat, dairy, refined sugar, caffeine, saturated fat or alcohol. YES to broccoli, spinach, kale etc and protein. Obviously, there is no way I could stick to that exactly but I will def. emphasize certain foods in my day to day. I was not doing well on Sunday/Monday/Tuesday and I realise now that it was probably due to the Halloween candy left in our house and that I had tea on those days. The chocolate is currently in the garage...out of sight, out of mind! It's interesting how my body was craving beans and veggies, and that is what I am supposed to be taking. Tonight, we will be having this for dinner, but with chicken in it too.

Forgetfulness. I am very forgetful. This is tough for me as my mind was once quite sharp. I call and email the wrong people, forget names, forget to buckle Kai up (twice!) etc. I need to write everything down on paper and I def. need to buy one of those medicine dispenser holder thingy's because I can never remember what I've taken or haven't taken. I'm also going to be adding a whole bunch more vitamins and supplements because when your digestive system is working this fast, you don't get to absorb all you need to. You should hear my stomach at night, it sounds like there is a bear in my stomach.

I really want my body back to `normal-ish' because we would like to have a third child if possible. Right now, my hormones are so out of sorts AND I'm on medication that I couldn't take if pregnant so there is no way we could even try anytime soon. I know I would likely have to go through all of this again, if we had another child, but at least I sort of know how to deal with it?

Gary and I are going on a date on Saturday night, should be good! My sister is watching the kids. It's so good swapping babysitting with her. We usually do it after 7pm so the kids are already in bed:)

Gary and I have been contemplating how to use our photography skills to help the school raise funds. We are currently in a huge building project. We may have come up with something and I hope it works out. I mean, it's not huge amounts of money, but it's something we can do to contribute. I will post more on it when we've got it all figured out. I was asked to take pictures for their current `Imagine' campaign and Gary brought the brochure home yesterday. It was fun doing because I got to visit the elementary and middle school too. Cute, cute kids! I'll have to post a picture of it later.

Well, I better post this before the power goes out. Bit of a wind storm here today. In conclusion,






  1. LOVE the fall photos of the kids! So glad you've made a decision about work Louise- I know how difficult that decision is, but can imagine how much harder it is with a mortage and kids. My mum quit work when I was born, and one thing I am so grateful for is that I always knew she would be home when I walked through the door after school- you won't regret the decision Louise. Continuing to pray for your health- I tried a very similar diet for my Crohn's issues- great to go into it with your attitude that you won't stress if you don't do it completely (very tough) but make changes in that direction.

  2. Beautiful pictures of beautiful children, Louise!!

  3. ErinFay12:35 PM

    I LOVE those pictures of your boys! I can kind of relate to your 'going back to work' situation... mine is a little different, but I really understand how you can be torn about it (ie. the 'letting them down' part especially). I wanted to go back to work because I miss the regular social interaction with adults, and I love my job; but I soo love being at home and having "baby-training-time" everyday. I love that I can offer my kid(s) something that I didn't grow up having- a "stay at home" mum... well, for now anyways... hope you're enjoying this blustery day:)

  4. I went on a healthy, all natural diet for health reasons too. Try Choices for vitamins/ supplements. They seem to have more raw options (no dairy, gluten, or wheat). Good luck to ya!

  5. fantastic pictures of your CUTE kids!!!
    i am definitely going to try that salad recipe - looks delish!
    altering one's diet is hard, but i hope you're able to find something that works for you and gives you the energy (and mental sharpness) you had before this.
    REALLY going to have to do some shoots at derby it!

  6. Awesome post! I loved the photos- the colours are spectacular and the kids are so adorable.

    Isn't it amazing how God works in our life to help us? It's really hard sometimes, that's for sure, but He works everything for the good.

    I want to get back to yoga; I'm so curious to know how it feels in a non-pregnant body. Tried to get there last night but Josh didn't cooperate. I did actually do [gasp] a little jogging. There was genuine shock in Andrew's voice when I told him. "I didn't know you knew how!"

    Very cool about using photography to help the school.

    Praying for you in your fight against stress and mission to eat differently, and of course that your thyroid would find its balance again.

    It gives me joy to see how much you enjoy and treasure your kids.

    Have an awesome date!

  7. I just love the Fall photos! Very sweet of the kids.

    I wanted to ask you about the website you used to make your blog into a book. I know you posted this before but I can't remember anymore. I'm thinking of doing this for Christmas gifts. Thank you!

  8. Ashley, I got it published through You just upload your blog into it and can edit from there. Otherwise, you could make your own book on by uploading pictures and writing captions. Have fun!