Thursday, November 26, 2009

Party Day Pictures

Here are a few pictures from Kai's Party Day at school today....
He does so well with all of the actions and is very animated with his singing:)
Kai and his partner were wild and fast do-si-do-ers! My little man has moves:) How cute is it to see your three year old do-si-do-ing?!
Below they are shaking their tails (they were squirrels of course).
And below is Mr. Grumpy Pants. Terrible picture but here's his goofy face. I think he was dancing here. He's also got some sweet moves! He looks so familiar to me in this picture but I don't know who he looks Kai? Gary? He loves music. Loves to dance. He swings his arms and shakes his head and does some squats. SO CUTE.
And below is a picture of my eyes after a GOOD night sleep. My sister saw me yesterday and was like, `Well, you just look like that because you're not wearing makeup'. Um, yes, I was wearing make up! My poor, tired, tired, sore eyes.

1 comment:

  1. Ok the dancing was sososo CUTE!! What a fun party day!

    Koen reminded me of Kai in that photo.

    I'm sorry your eyes are giving you so much grief! Hoping and praying that symptom quits so soon!