Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Morning Walk

Maria (my sister) sent me this picture of Kai, I think it's from the summertime. Makes me smile.
This morning we skipped church because we have 2 sick kids (Kai with cold, Koen with who knows what) and I need to be in the dark. Fortunately it was perfectly overcast this morning so we could get out for a walk!
Jackie, do you notice Koen wearing the toque that you made?
Sometimes I can still get Kai to hold my hand...
Kai loves his `new' hoodie that allows him to hold his hands inside, he thinks its the coolest thing.
I got my hair cut 2 days ago and wanted a nice picture with it all straightened and clean etc. but I've been a bit too lazy so at least here you can see the new length:)
Mr. Happy Pants it back. So awesome to have my happy, giggly baby back. PHEW! Well, until the next tooth.....
This was the first time that we let Koen walk for part of our family walk. Not sure if it's best for his Robeez but I don't know how well he would walk in actual runners and his super cute size 4 rainboots (they are only cute because they are so small) are a little too awkward for him still.
He has never held our hands to walk, it puts him off balance and he wants to do it all by himself.
Then I wanted some exercise so we put them both in the stroller. You can tell that Kai really loved that idea:) I love that my body, besides my eyes, is feeling so good these past two days. It's very weak as I've lost a lot of muscle mass and core strength, but it feels much better! I know I have to start very slowly but I'm confident that one day, I will be quite fit again.
Kai's cold has made him such a grumpy pants which makes me exhausted. He also has to win at everything right now. First to the door, first to the van, must win in any board game. TIRING. He is looking sooooo much like Gary these days, it makes me smile. Gary's participation in `No Shave November' will end tomorrow...I wonder what kind of mustache he will create....
I'm so thankful it is so cloudy and that I am able to for walks. I'm so thankful that my eye lubricant works so well. I'm so thankful for my husband and kids. Talking about kids.....
(First day of life!)
My baby will be 11 months old in 3 days. This makes me sad. Is it okay to feel that way? I love this stage and am incredibly sad that this is likely my last time breastfeeding or watching my baby take his first steps or learn how to talk etc. Every time he snuggles with me I want to say, `Please take 100 pictures!'. I know how hard it is to get a 3 year old boy to give good snuggles, especially the ones where they want to fall asleep lying on your chest.

(Koen 2 days old)
I am so thankful for this guy, especially since he took a lot longer to come along and especially since he came before I got sick....that I got to have a second child before all this craziness. Although pregnancy is one of the instigators of Graves' Disease, I wouldn't change anything for a second. I love this guy to pieces.

Okay, can't think of a fun way to end this so have a great evening. I'll be watching Amazing Race:)


  1. I love the pic of kai too - so funny. That's what happens when you come to a house of girls. Can't believe how fast time flies with kiddos growing soooo quick! Nice that you got a family walk in this morning.

  2. koen looks so different as a newborn to now. cutie.

  3. Cath Tucker2:42 PM

    Cute shots! Your hair looks really good too! Koen is getting so big...I can't believe how well he moves for such a young little guy! Kai's personality and energy reminds me so much of Olivia...I hope you continue to feel better and better!

  4. Really enjoyed this post. I loved seeing pictures of all four of you just doing your family thing. It left me with a wonderful warm and fuzzy feeling.

  5. your hair looks great! man, kids grow fast in 11 months! glad that you are enjoying every minute of them :)

  6. aren't you excited that no shave november is almost over!

  7. yes, very cute pictures :) glad you have your baby back...still waiting for mine!
    i like your new hair length!

  8. I have to agree with Dana, I find it refreshing to just see the four of you doing your thing. I love Koen's dimples. They are adorable!

  9. It looks like you had a great family walk. You look really good in the picture! Koen looks so cute walking down the road.

  10. Adorable kids. Nice hair. Hairy husband.