Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow Day

Very exciting that there is finally a snow day EXCEPT this was my regular day off anyway!!! Oh well. Its still nice to have Gary home so I can have some alone time (that doesn't sound right!). Let's see, what's new?
-purchased some great squid, with the innards, at the local Asian supermarket for tomorrow's dissection and feast:)
-went to a swap meet this weekend and got some great dealios on clothes. I also bought Kai a nursery rhyme book and he has been LOVING `Old MacDonald' (he says EIEIEIEIEIEO) and `Itsy Bitsy Spider'. He is also saying a lot more like; okay, lunch, boots...really, he will repeat whatever we say.
-Gary gets to go to the dentist today to have a crown fitted and then its off to bball
-I'm off to Bamfield in a week from now (with my Biology 11 classes)...3 days away from the little guy (and this big guy too I guess). Hope the trip goes well!
-I'll have to get some pictures on here although there isn't much to take pictures of right now...Kai is still cute and Gary and I are just the same:)
-I've been trying to reach my friends in Kenya to see how they are (two teachers and a pastor there that have access to email usually once a week) but I have not heard back from any of them. It is very sad to hear about it on the news. They are generally quite peaceful in Kenya and have been for many years. I read somewhere that they have so little and when you take away the power of their vote, what is left? Politics are so important there. Even if you have nothing else in your home, a picture of the president is a must. I miss Kenya, my students, and my friends. It's hard hearing about the violence in all the places that I have been.

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