Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Boring Wednesday Night Post

-Kai has a nasty cold. Very congested. Last night he fell asleep in my arms while Gary was getting dinner ready (5pm). He slept all the way through til 7am! The first few nights, he slept terribly but since we started using the humidifier, it has gotten much better. New words of the day; applesauce, nanny (janny), doug, han (he LOVES washing his hands)
-I'm hoping to have daycare figured out by the end of this week.
-Gary is basketball free from Friday til Sunday!!! Woohoo!!
-School is going well...I like working. I like being home. Some days I wish I was in the other place but for now, going well. Not sure if we could do it (financially) if I wasn't working. I don't know where we could cut costs....oh well, don't need to worry about it now.


  1. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Where did you get your wedding boots? I'm getting married in three weeks and have been searching all over for boots like that.

  2. I think they were from Le Chateau