Thursday, January 17, 2008

My smarty pants

Bubi? Bubi? I love it when he holds his arms out like this when he is looking for something.

Feeding himself

We haven't been practicing him feeding himself with a spoon because most stuff he eats doesn't really need a spoon. But, since he loves the fruit cups, there is a picture of him feeding himself today:) Also, we played with the Noah's Ark animals. I asked for 2 elephants and....I got 2 elephants! I asked for 2 camels and I got...two `mammals' (as he calls them). We went through each one and he got them all.

Once he got a pair, he made them kiss...

Here is he saying `happy', one of his new fav. words

He is still very congested (lungs). Last night, he was up with us from 9-11pm. I hope he gets better soon...its tough when there is not much you can do for them.
Sitting on the musical stool, banging on the wall. Interesting how grandma got him all loud, musical toys for Christmas:)


  1. Isn't that what grandparents always do,Give the loud toys or ones that need batteries... ;)
    Lucky you!

  2. I'm not sure if you put this one down on the blog...but didn't he recently learn to say "I love you" ... oh ya, and didn't he FIRST say it to (nope, not his mom!) but his auntie Jackie??! Ya! That's blog-worthy!