Sunday, January 13, 2008

Lynette and Bryan Brandsma

What a beautiful bride (and I guess handsome groom too!). Phew, I'm exhausted. Here are some pictures that I took at the wedding. It was hard beccause I was the maid of honour and couldn't take any pictures during the ceremony or any other time! Gary was busy videotaping so here are a few of the pics that I got. By the way, Kai was at grandma's from Friday til Sunday! He had a great time and he seriously looked different to me when we picked him up. So glad to have him home!
So, here is the beautiful dress..

Lynette getting her make up done by cousin-in-law Jordana
Make up all done

Getting into the dress

She wore white boots for the reception and pictures but shoes during the ceremony
Lynette's dad taking her to meet Bryan for pictures before the ceremony

The bridesmaids
Gary and I

The happy couple
The colourful bouquet
Lou 'n Lyn

The first dance
Cutting the cake
Congratulations Lynette and Bryan! Have an awesome time in Cuba!


  1. gorgeous!! congrats to them :)
    great pictures

  2. She looks great! What a beautiful dress. Congrats to Lynette and Bryan!