Friday, January 25, 2008

Giggles before bed

He now likes piggy back rides but isn't the best at holding on. So, if he says `back', that is what he is talking about. Another big word is `Gack'. This is his way of saying Jack. My dad wanted to be called just `Jack', not opa or grandpa. We have comprimised to Opi Jack. Kai gets a big kick out of saying Gack. He also gave Opi lots of kisses last night...he usually NEVER gives kisses. Very lucky Opi Gack.

Look at his eyes. Cute. You can see his blanket holding technique here...his right thumb is always in his mouth, then his left hand finds a corner and stuffs it into his right hand so he can suck on the blanket at the same time. Not too interesting, but when I look back at this a year from now, I'll think its cute:) He likes to look at the pictures on the camera and say his name which rotates between `Kai' and `Dai'.

Here I'm making Gary take a picture of us. He does not like it when I `make' him do this. However, our pictures of us:Kai is about 1:100,000 so its time to get more pics of us!

Below, giggles with mommy...

Giggles with daddy...

Have a good weekend everyone. I am NOT looking forward to 4 days of snow. Well, if there is a day off school because of it, I'm in:) It's just that its been sooo cold.


  1. Anonymous11:04 AM

    hey lou & gary
    very cute blanket pic! aww! oh and ps lou your hair looks really good in teh pic of u and him in the chair (ahem someone must've done a nice job!). nice color. hot.

  2. Happy SNow Day today!