Wednesday, January 23, 2008


This Monday, I found a new daycare for Kai which will begin mid February. We love where we have been but she is no longer able to do it. Hopefully he will enjoy the new one just as much. We visited for an hour and he cried when we had to leave so that is a good sign!
Kai wanted to mark labs just like mommy today. I gave him some paper to scribble on and he felt pretty important. (seriously, not a set up picture, he was very intent on it)
Izzy and Ani came to visit
This is how Kai shows Ani he loves her. She's not so into it.
Kai! No! (we hear this many times)
Upstairs to play with the train.

Eating cookies on the bottom step. Kai has been getting really excited about seeing/playing with other kids these days. He's not sure how to play nicely (twice he hit ani on the head with objects) but he gets so happy! He's napping now so I better go get some work done!


  1. thanks for the pics weezer...ya, shift work is/was nice in that I could see both annie and kai during the day - they're so cute together! :)

  2. i love that first pic where kai is looking so intent! glad to hear that you've found another daycare! hope things work out!