Tuesday, January 08, 2008

17 months

This is a few days late due to our trip but I'll quickly write a bit. What a fun age. He is currently at a stage where he will attempt most words. Very fun. Just month he has said many names (Micah, Andrew, Jack, Ani) and words galore (please, thank you, happy, hungry, get you, me go, ow, peekoo (peekaboo)...to name some). When we ask him questions, he can now reply with `no' if he doesn't want it, very fun! When putting on pant legs or socks, if I say `one', he will say `two'. Cute. Physically, he is now into climbing onto objects and attempts to walk down stairs (which freaks me out!!!). He became a lot more cuddly on the trip and slept in bed with us half the time which we have never done before. He is such a fabulous boy. He usually takes his time to get comfortable in new environments (about 20 minutes) but then does his own thing. His highlights from our trip were; the slide, sand table, throwing rocks, chasing birds, playing `peekoo' and eating pizza:). He is not into sharing (me, mine etc is what he will say) and will push people to get what he wants...we are working on this! It was so great to be able to spend 10 days straight with Gary and Kai and to see their relationship grow too. He def. does not like to sit still (eating in restraunts was slightly stressful...we just took turns running around with him) and is into everything.

I love him tons and don't want him to grow up too fast. His favourite thing to do around the house is find something `dirty' and say it over and over and then gets excited when I give him permission to throw it in the garbage. Kaisie, we love you! You make us laugh and bring us so much joy.

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