Wednesday, October 17, 2007

What's new?

Wow. Nothing. Really. I always like checking people's blogs so I know that new stuff is good stuff. Let's dad is in Africa. I am so jealous. I cannot wait for the day that we, as a family, can go back. My sister Jackie (who is he visiting) will be home in a week! Wooohoo! In case you don't know, I have 4 sisters and we all live within 10 minutes of eachother and email daily so having Jackie gone for 3 months has been a bit sad. What else. I have my last regular season football game this weekend. Then, we have the playoffs. I love, love, love playing football on Saturdays as it puts me in `Louise' mode. I'm no longer a mom or wife, I'm just me. Love it.

What's new with Gary? He did the Golden Ears hike with the Outdoor Society at school. He was supposed to blog about it but I'm not going to bug him to do it. He had a great time and I'm a bit jealous that he got to hike and camp. I am also glad that Adam found our camera (which cost us a pretty penny) which popped off of Gary's pack and rolled down the ridge. Thanks Adam.

Kai can now crawl downstairs. Phew. He still has to be watched but now I feel a lot safer with him running around at 10 million miles an hour. He was also pulling Bubba (his stuffed beaver) around with a leash the other day, so cute:) I'm at home tomorrow so maybe I'll get some good pictures. For now, this is a picture-less post. Have a great night. I'm exhausted. Is it bedtime yet?

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