Monday, October 29, 2007

Big Day Trip...starting at 4am?!

The trip wasn't supposed to start at 4am but Kai decided that was the right time to get up this morning, and therefore, I was up too. We (Maria, Ani, Trisha, Kai and I) headed out to Vancouver Island at 6am to visit our oma and uncle al (on my mom's side). We got to take Maria's snazzy new mini van which was fun. The weather was awesome and the fall colours were amazing. The kids behaved wonderfully with really no meltdowns. I've realized that Kai will never sit still and needs to roam and explore all the time. I'm a little stressed with this realization as we are flying in a plane to Mexico in a few months. How will I ever get him to sit for hours? I think the longest he'll sit on my lap right now is 1 minute! Please, any tips are greatly appreciated!!!!!!

Ani and Kai on the ferry. They had to do everything the same. Kai wears a jacket, Ani needs one too. Kai eats a banana, so does Ani. Kai runs around the cafeteria shouting, so does Ani. Please note that Maria was pretty brave to go on this trip as she is 8.5 months pregnant:)

It was great to visit with oma and uncle al for a few hours. Through email/blogs etc its been easy to keep up to date with what's going on. It was nice to talk about what my mom was like as a kid (she could walk and talk clearly by one and she sucked her thumb til she was 5!) Oma made a yummy soup which reminded me of all the times she made that soup when we were growing up and visiting. Did I mention that Ani and Kai are having so much fun playing together now?! Whether its `tackle Kai's blankie' or `shout weird things out the window' they love doing it together!
Auntie Trisha helping the kids get some shells when we stopped in Parksville on the way back to the ferry. I LOVE that beach! Auntie Trisha also helped chase down kids and carry toys and bags etc while studying for a midterm.

DId I mention auntie Jackie is back?! Woohoo!!! I've never seen her so dark, and will prob. never her see her this colour again. Great to have us girls all together again! Excited for her and Kai to have some great bonding time.


  1. Anonymous2:22 AM

    louise and maria
    now you have an appreciation what your poor parents went through with 5 of their own taking them back and forth on the fairy time and time again--i think your dad was just trying to keep your mom happy your dad always took the girls to the washroom walks etc so your mother could sleep or just laz about reading a book ....
    boy your dad what a martyr--but a cheerful one---glad you guys had good time---parksville beach was special to both your mom and dad--funny how you guys never appreciated it as much when your wonderfull parents took you there
    from plattensburg bay love to all

  2. I've travelled a fair amount with toddlers: the only way to survive a long flight with a toddler is to bring a carseat for them. Often if they are under 2, purchasing a seat for them is only around $100-$150 (not sure about flights to mexico) so this may be something to look into. If this is not the case with the airline you are flying with, bring some sort of baby carrier (bjorn, sling, etc) and wear him when you want him to stay put (be sneaky: the airlines won't let you wear them during takeoff/landing if they know about it...cover up with a blanket, or pop him in after the flight attendants sit down). Practice a bit with the carrier beforehand so he knows that he's not allowed out until you say.
    These tips work simply because kids are used to being able to get up/down from your lap on demand, but in a carseat or baby carrier they are more used to staying put.
    Hope that helps!