Monday, October 22, 2007


I'm very excited as my sister Jackie (on the far left) will be home in 3 days!!! She has been gone for 3 months and we really miss her. I think about how much Kai has changed since she's been gone and I'm excited to see their reunion! Not to be too cheesy but I am so thankful for my sisters. Four of us went out to lunch the other day, and it was so nice! It's so wonderful to just be yourself and laugh and know exactly where the other person is coming from. On Saturday, I went to Ikea with 2 of my sisters and it was really fun (I think Maria, who is 8+ months pregnant was sad that the line was too long to get another frozen yogurt!). We were not always close, especially Maria and I, as we would often beat eachother up physically and emotionally. For Maria and I, it was best when I went away to university and she was then the oldest and could take over that role in the family. We are all so different in the way we deal with stuff (stress, grief) and def. different in our taste in music, art, and movies, but there are some things that we are similar on; love for food, family, camping, hiking, and deals! Also, to all of us, a promise is a promise. If you really need us to tell the truth, ask us to promise because none of us have ever broken a promise. Back to Jackie, excited she is returning. When I was in Kenya, she wrote me a letter every week. I have not been so kind to her because she had daily email access!!! Really roughing in Jackie!! :) It is so awesome to have so many people nearby who love Kai. Even though they can't take the place of my mom, it really, really helps.
It's def. time for a new sisters photo as we haven't had one all together in a very long time!

All of us, with mom, up at Green Lake about 2.5 year ago.


  1. Gary's hand is on your leg! scandalous.

  2. Anonymous10:19 AM

    Hey weezer- it's "jackie and jack' here in a B and B in S. Africa! Went shark diving today - I was 4 feet close to an attacking 12 ft Great white shark!! Ah! pa also went in too....
    Me and heathre are really looking forward to being home...maybe not the travelling (2 days worth!) but ya...we leave tomorrow at 1pm airport. I just told padre: I am SOOOO excited to see Kaiser bun and Annie...yes yes and my sisters....of course, Tyler...but ya. gotta go - this nice lady is letting us borrow her internet :)
    padre says hello to all.