Sunday, October 21, 2007

Soggy Sunday at Crescent Beach

This morning Kai was `cooking' in his kitchen (putting cheerios in a casserole dish and shaking it up). Look at his `new' duds that I picked up at the swap meet yesterday. I went in the last hour and got everything super cheap. The plaid shirt and jacket were just $1.00 each, Dr. Scholl shoes $4).

We went to Crescent Beach in the crazy rain so that I could collect some seaweed for Biology 11. Kai loved it. Well, he loved certain parts which I'll get to. It was fun that he could use his new rain boots, jacket and pants.

Here I'm showing him some fun shells. He kept calling them `hats'. I guess that's what happens with a limited vocab. On the way home, he kept sucking the salt water off of them (we let him take two home) and then putting them on his head saying `hat, hat, hat' over and over.
Showing daddy his shell
He kept pointing to the buoy's and saying `ball, ball' over and over. That was def. his favourite part and slightly frustrating with him that we could not go play with them.

Did I mention that we won our football game again yesterday?! We are 7-0 for the season and playoffs are next Saturday. It was a good game as they changed up their defense since the last time we played them, but, we figured it out and worked around it (coachless and all!). Go us!

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  1. aww...sounds and looks like you guys had a fun time at the beach, dispite the weather :) cute pics of kai.

    ps..that joke in your previous post...i totally remember that one from when i was in your class :)