Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Lodi and Bubi

(Kai with his doggy)
So in Kai language we have a few more words. Apparently the giant stuffed monkey's name is Lodi and his blankie is now called Bubi. Kai is making me laugh so much everyday. He now checks himself out in the hallway mirror and recognizes that its him and not a friend. He recognizes himself in pictures too! This week he got up 3 times at about 11:30pm crying as though in pain/discomfort. I've taken him to our bed where he just plays and giggles (and farts and giggles) for about 15 minutes, and then he's good to go back to sleep again. Below are just some pictures I took of him while we were playing around downstairs (its an unfinished basement but there's a section with lots of fun toys for our photo stuff that he loves to play with and he's pretty good about being careful with our lights etc). I took Kai jogging today as I realized that I am pretty out of shape, I should prob. do that I little more often...especially since football will be done after this Saturday. Well, time to play with Gary, Lodi and Kai!

Auntie Trisha bought her cowboy hat by (for us to use for Halloween). Kai calls everything that is cone shaped a hat. Shells, umbrellas, lamp shades....

I wish you could hear him with this picture, he was giggling sooooooo much!

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