Saturday, September 30, 2006

Jogging Strollers

Sorry, no fun picture. Gary and I are just about to head out to the Kid Swap Meet. No, this is not where you swap your kids; it's where you find fabulous deals on awesome baby stuff! Anyway...back to the title. We have a great jogging stroller (a Safety 1st one) that we got at a garage sale for just $40 and its brand new. However, have you ever tried running without your arms? Or how about pushing a stroller that always moves towards the left? My dreams of running for hours with Kai have changed into a reality of 15 minutes of pure sweat and frustration. (I know, I's not just the jogging stroller, I have had limited activities for the past year or so)
The whole family is doing Run For The Cure tomorrow so we'll see how the jogging stroller and Kai do. Usually this event turns into a bit of a contest which measures the fitness level of myself and my sisters (we're all a bit competitive-not just me!). I remember running it 4 years ago and at the 3km mark my little sister Jackie passed me and I could not believe it..don't worry, I caught up and had my fastest 5km time ever! This year however, we have a bunch of boys along who will be proving themselves for their women...I have a feeling Gary is gonna win this one for us:) I, however, may be able to beat just one sister and that's because she's walking the whole thing with a friend. Next year.....


  1. You sista's...take it easy, it is not about who wins....but....hahah!

  2. my 5km time for our fitness training was 00:22:45. I was the fastest in Outdoor Leadership history at CBC :) and it was at the beginning of the year with a couple of factors playing against me... I don't know if that says anything about me, maybe more so the people I was running with?
    Did Gary pull it off?

  3. Go Stewart go! Why didn't you ever join cross country?! Gary was beat by my little sis and her boyfriend (although they started up at the very front and we were way back).