Thursday, September 07, 2006

Chubby Cheeks

Look how fat his face is! His head is actually the smallest part of him..only the 75th percentile. As for weight and height, he's off the charts. Already 12lbs 3oz and 24.5 inches long.

Okay, so he is really cute when he wakes up and stretches HOWEVER I think the longest he's gone without crying (when not being held and not sleeping) is 16 minutes. We're just at 5 weeks and apparently things get better at week 6. We are now trying `Ovul' for the colic..we will see! He smiles a lot in his sleep but I think I got a smile out of him today awake before he burst into tears seconds later.

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  1. Dekens, just was thinking that we miss you at school. Hope all is well.