Monday, September 04, 2006


Two things (not pertaining to the pictures)
1. Gary and I had the best date ever on Saturday night. Well, it wasn't exciting at all but it was the first time in 5 weeks that we had gone out with just the two of us. My sister babysat Kai for 2.5 hours and we went to the movies. I was worried that he would scream the whole time but he was the best behaved little boy EVER! I felt so rejuvinated and NORMAL. He was sick this past week so we're glad that the virus is finally gone..poor guy...poor parents!

2. Football. Well, the only activity that I've done for the past 9 months is walking (and some swimming and biking) so I'm very nervous about starting to get a little more active. I know I have to take it super easy but I am going to football practice tomorrow! Woohoo! I probably won't play in a game til the end of September but I didn't want to miss another season. I went to the gym yesterday and I mowed the lawn today at my parent's place, and, I didn't feel anything weird in my abdomen so I figure that was my little litmus test to see if I can practice tommorow:) I think my sprinting will be more like a fast walk or a waddle but you gotta start somewhere! Thankfully daddy is okay with watching and feeding Kai every Tuesday night and Saturday afternoon so mommy can be a little `normal'.


  1. You are crazy Louise! Don't over due it! Man you have more energy then I do, and you just had surgery 5 weeks ago!

  2. ...looks like all he's doing is sleeping! SOunds easy to me! :)