Sunday, October 01, 2006

Run For the Cure

Me and my four sisters (L-R): Jackie, me, Jan, Maria, Nutty (trisha). Of our group, Trisha ended up coming first with Liam, and, Jackie and Jan quickly followed. Congrats to Jan who has had the greatest improvement on her running this year. Good job to me and Maria for pushing strollers the whole way? It's so fun when you can be active with your whole family.

Every year for the past 5 years, we have done this run. This year was different in that my mom was not physically with us. Last year, she walked the 1km with Maria and Kris. It's still really hard for all of us but we have such a wonderful family which is such a blessing..I love having 4 sisters. Mom was always jealous of us because she just had brothers and always wanted a sister:) Another difference is that we had the addition of 2 kids and several boyfriends and friends. Notice Gary is hugging Tyler for encouragement (Jackie's boyfriend). Kai (who is hidden behind me in the jogging stroller) did so well and slept the whole time. I was able to run the whole thing EXCEPT for 2 hills so not bad. My 5km time was the worst ever but it was under 40 minutes:) Good job team...I'll be cheering you on at the finish line next year!


  1. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Hey l-dog: Bring it on next year...youll probably be prego again and ill probably get under 28 minutes so good luck to you!! But for real, good job this year..for planning on only running 2 km and ending up doing everything but hills..youre getting there..

  2. Anonymous5:22 PM

    PS: Oh yeah one more thing, maybe i could help you train for next could have somthing to strive for than..haha