Thursday, September 14, 2006

6 weeks old

The 6 week mark is exciting for me because everyone says the baby gets `better' at this point. Maybe you just adapt to the craziness of it all? Maybe you understand what the baby wants a little more. ALSO, I get to exercise!!! Woohoo! I'm playing in my first football game in almost a year on Saturday. Gary's got a cold right now so I'm making him stay far away from us...we're hoping he gets better soon.
Our little cutie Kai likes his arms spread wide out when he's sleeping...his hands are always so cold but he likes it. I'd take a picture of him awake but ya...lets wait til he's a happy camper:) We've added a new diet for me (no diary, onions, garlic etc) and also started baby massages to help our little guy deal with his gas issues. Oh boy, does anyone actually care? Probably not but if you're reading this, you must care a bit!


  1. always interesting to hear about gas issues. :)

  2. I can appreciate what you're going through.