Monday, September 25, 2006

Fun Times with Opa

We like blue striped shirts!

Our son the nerd (in opa's glasses)

Kai and opa in the wagon he made. Dad also made him a mini coat rack that is engraved with his name (Little D) and is covered in a science theme (planets and magnets).

Yesterday we celebrated my sister Trisha's (nutty) 20th birthday. While there, we enjoyed Thai food, icecream cake.
Here's Annika offering Kai some Rice Krispies!


  1. hi Louise! I found you on the UBC Alumni thingy! Kai is the cutest thing ever!!! Looks like things are going well over there, and as for me, i've transformed my life from the snowboard to the surfboard in Durban! i'll be home for x-mas! take care, k.diga

  2. Hey Louise I noticed your dad's goatee (sp?) Looking Good! :)

  3. In the second picture you can totally see his pirate eye! Comes out all the time! Man! This kid is somethin' special!