Saturday, September 16, 2006

Fun Saturday

So, today I went and played football in Vancouver and was gone for 5 hours. In that time, Gary took wonderful care of Kai and stuck to the `schedule'. It was so fun to be normal and play again. I actually caught most of the passes for some short yardage plays and I even got thrown in as rusher at the end where I actually sacked the quaterback. Good times. However, my quads are killing me as I haven't run in 9 months! It feels so good to be `normal'. Last night we had a baby shower at Gary's parents with all the relatives and it was really good to see everyone again and Kai behaved rather well I'd have to say! There was tons of good food and fun was had by all. Oh, one more thing: my neice said `mama' and we all freaked out:) Gary's got dinner ready so I better go...nothing better than a husband that loves cooking!


  1. Hahaha, shower! Silly Adam.

  2. don't you normally bathe babies anyway?
    Way to get back out there Louise.