Thursday, June 07, 2018

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Okay. So. We've had an interesting week. On top of Kai being in a cast (and feeling so upset about missing sports each day) and the flu getting 5/6 Chapmans, we needed to replace our car due to the accident. Once ICBC tells you that your car is written off you have three days to get a new or (or pay for the rental yourself). We loved our car and planned on having it for ten years (or whenever it died) so it was unfortunate to have to replace it. Throw in the fact that we ended up having to put in $1000.00 of our own money and I was a tad bitter by the end of it all. So, it has been busy and emotionally exhausting all things considered.

If I don't write a Thankful Thursday post though, I definitely won't write anything else because these are the easiest to do :) Without further ado, this is what I am thankful for this week:

1. Peonies on the counter. A friend from work saw that I was looking and I purchased them at an awesome price AND she delivered them. Such a huge win. They brightened up my entire week. By the way, I am so glad we redid our counters a nice bright white.

2. Living within walking distance of the grocery store. Love getting a 2 km walk in with the kids several times a week. 

3. Being twins with my sister. We try to walk together once every week or two and we showed up wearing the exact same outfits. So funny. Pretend this is a flattering picture.

4. A "new" car. I asked on Facebook if anyone had a similar car to what we had (2009 Matrix) as we were limited on time and I received a message that a friend was thinking of selling her 2011 Matrix. We didn't want to put in too much of our own money for an accident that wasn't our fault and thankfully the amount they were asking was our maximum budget for a car. Yay for Facebook (seriously, I almost always get the help I'm looking for there!) and friends and the car search being over. Also, our next new car will be a Nissan Leaf (probably) and our van will be replaced by a hybrid; if you have any recommendations, let me know! We want to have all our research done so we are ready in case it happens again quickly.

She'll be getting detailed today!

5. Gary got his barbecue. I have been hearing about the need for a new one for many many years. Our first one lasted 13 years and it stopped working a few months back. He had been waiting to press "purchase" on this one and we finally did it last week. And then the Father's Day sales came out...I'm trying not to think about it.

6. Art For Kids Hub on YouTube. Koen never liked to draw and colour and now he can do it for an hour straight. This is huge. If you have a kid who is a perfectionist or struggles with fine motor or just wants some inspiration, this site is wonderful and free!

7. Clearance shoes for Kai. One of the things going forward (after getting an air cast for $96 and a hard sized brace for $89) was getting better runners for him. We found these Adidas ones at Winners for $53. He's in a mens 8.5 now which is bigger than mine! We were limited on time so I'm glad we found something around the $50 mark which was my goal.

8. A good book to read. I'm trying to devour them now because I have a feeling I won't be reading much when I'm teaching next year. If you like science fiction, check out this series! I'm excited to find out why it has the title "WOOL" as I still don't know. The next two are only available on e-books which I tend to read on my phone (iPhone 7+) so not sure how that will go as they are huge books.

9. Gary getting me a thoughtful gift. He bought me "back to teaching" pens. It was sweet but...well...I have been looking forward to buying my own and choosing some prettier colours. It's the thought that counts, right? PS I am a tad difficult to shop for because I have my own ideas.

10. Connecting with my Nya Bear. I don't know if I'll miss the whole reading Fancy Nancy part but I will miss her grabbing my hand while I do it. No judgment please, I have been reading kids books for 12 years now. I'm ready for a break!!!!

Originally I used to love doing Thankful Thursdays because it was a place where I could share photos that I had taken but somehow only one of the photos above is from my real camera. Time, yo. Oh well, life. I would love to hear one thing that you are thankful for today!


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