Thursday, June 21, 2018

Thankful Thursday: End of School Edition

Thankful Thursday

Well, another school year has finished! What am I thankful for? The kids all had teachers that they really connected to, they made/maintained wonderful friendships, they learned some cool stuff, were challenged in their thinking and were well loved. What else could I ask for? So, this isn't a ten point list as usual, it's just a quick recap:


-completed grade 6 and had his first male teacher who loved sports so that's a major win
-fell in love with the trumpet because of jazz band (previously did not like it)
-continued to love math and science
-played numerous sports (volleyball, basketball, soccer, ultimate but missed most of it due to the ankle, track and field, and hockey)
- confident and outgoing
-worked with kids with extra needs at school and church and did well in that role
-grew 2" and gained 8lbs


-completed grade 3
-enjoyed-ish school (he did not lose his mind before school asking to be home-schooled this year!)
-really liked his teacher and reward systems (they have jobs and pay rent for their desk etc) and especially loved when she read books aloud.
-very eager and enthusiastic in class...sometimes getting a little carried away (well, more than sometimes)
-went gluten free due to an intolerance
-fell in love with doing Art Hub at home (on YouTube)
-loved sports every recess and was on a ball hockey team again.
-looking forward to having a male teacher and playing the recorder next year.
- grew 1.5" and gained 4.5 lbs.


-completed kindergarten.
-really enjoyed school for center time and socializing.
-all about the friends (both boys and girls) and the playing and singing.
-didn't do extra curricular other than a month of gymnastics which she would have loved to have continued but we are going to wait until she's a bit older.
-very energetic, enthusiastic and positive. She has so much energy which makes me wonder if she's going to be more similar to Koen than Kai (which makes me nervous).
-officially diagnosed with asthma at the age of six  as she had an unofficial diagnosis before that.
-all about dresses, earrings, and fun shoes but totally on board with playing superheroes in them.
-gained 2" and 3 lbs

Overall, it's been a great year for the kids and I'm thankful for their health and zest for life. I'm looking forward to the upcoming year and my hope and prayer is that they will continue to find their passions and love those around them.

Hope that as the school year ends for those you love that the transition to summer goes okay! I'm nervous about being home so much this summer–I actually can't remember the last time we had such few trips planned and I'm getting nervous!


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