Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Recycling Flexible Plastics in B.C.

On May 30th 2018, Recycle BC made the announcement that they would be increasing the variety of flexible plastics that they would accept at 116 participating recycling depots with all depots on board by January 2019. Although there are many ways to reduce the use of plastics, it's inevitable that we are still left with a lot to deal with. I shared this information on my Facebook page and learned a few important points that I felt important to pass on here:

1. Recycled Plastics MUST be brought to the depot.

It is important that these items are not placed in your curbside or community recycling containers.

2. Many flexible plastics have been accepted for quite some time already at the recycling depots. They include: 

  • grocery bags
  • dry cleaning bags
  • bread bags
  • produce bags
  • frozen vegetable bags
  • pre-packaged salad bags
  • diaper and feminine product outer bags
  • soft drink flat plastics
  • paper towel plastic wrapper
  • wrap on mattresses, furniture and electronic equipment

3. Not all of the 116 depots listed are currently accepting the newly listed items.

Some new items under the umbrella of "Flexible Plastics" include items such as zipper locked bags, chip bags, baby food pouches, mesh bags for avocados, pasta packaging and cellophane. I went to Willowbrook Recycling and asked when they would be up to date with what the website listed and was told a few months up to a year. In the meantime you can hold on to those plastics or find one that is.

4. If you are wondering where to recycle a certain product, just search it here

I'm curious if you knew that a lot of the flexible plastics were already being accepted at depots and whether you bring them in. Do you live by one of the pilot depots that are accepting the greater variety of products? If so, I'd love to know which ones!


What are the rules for recycling flexible plastics in B.C.?

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