Thursday, May 31, 2018

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. Nya's birthday party going well. I really want to say that I'm thankful that it's done but that doesn't sound very motherly. She had seven friends over and they painted and played classic party games. In this photo the girls were painting and the boys were playing mini hockey in the basement.

2. Our thirteenth anniversary! We didn't do anything special. Well, I did buy chocolate truffle ice cream from the grocery store and we didn't share with the kids so you know, we did something. I think we will go away and do something awesome for our 15th.

3. Kai working on perspective. He has had a really difficult time not having sports in his life right now and I get it, it's important to him. He has focussed on what he can do right now (which isn't a lot) but he can play mini hockey and sort of throw the shot put ;) 

4. Extended medical. It's not a lot but we have three physio sessions covered so we're going to use them to help in his recovery! I also appreciate that there are so many resources close by. There's at least 3 sports physio clinics within a kilometer of us!

5. Sushi with my family. We meet every May to talk about the highs and lows and missing mom. I love all-you-can-eat sushi and my family is pretty great too. So thankful that it's relatively drama-free because I know a lot of families struggle with that.

6. Art. I did so much colouring and drawing as a kid so when the boys came along and wouldn't do it I was worried they would never taken an interest. However, in the last year or so they have all picked it up a bit and I'm thankful for that. Yay for "learn to draw" books and Art Hub for Kids–it has given Koen a boost in confidence which was much needed in this realm.

7. Going ahead with getting a hot tub. We are still at the beginning stages. We have decided on the size and the location. Now Gary needs to build the cement pad, I need to order a hot tub, and we will then need to move our fence a bit to change our backyard. Hoping to have it all good to go for the summer!

8. A garden. We should probably plant a lot more but we were late getting going on it. Love that the kids can see where food comes from and be part of it. 

9. A short-lived stomach bug. Koen got hit one night but by 9 AM he was back to himself and no one else picked it up. He gets sick the most often and I'm pretty sure it's because he is a terrible hand washer.

10. Safety on Sunday. Gary and Kai were headed out and five minutes later Kai came in the house on his crutches saying "Dad was in an accident". I said "Are you joking?" and then "Is he hurt?". I was imagining that Gary was knocked out and not able to come back home. He was fine, he was just dealing with the insurance stuff. Glad everyone is okay! Just waiting to see if our car is a write off or if they will fix it. It will be close. I love our car so I'm sad to replace it. We'll likely get an identical one just a year or two newer. Too bad it wasn't our van.

11. Nya's mermaid blanket. She got it for her birthday and LOVES it. It's warm and cozy and she sleeps in it every night. She's so cute. Oh, she doesn't like it when I say "cute" she's adorable.

12. Camera lenses. I don't pull them out enough as I just use my phone more and more each day for convenience sake. When we closed our business we said we would sell some camera bodies and lenses but we kept them all...the only lens we will possibly sell is the 85mm. We love them all.

13. A part time job! Yay. I never even thought this would be an option so I'm very excited to be going back to work in September in a part time science position. I'm thankful that I have time to prepare and that I love the people I will be working with. It's a one year contract so if it ends up being too much, we'll re-evaluate at the end of it. Thankful for options.

What are YOU thankful for today?


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