Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

I can't believe it's Thursday again. Thank you for checking this place out...I know how hard it can be to go beyond a regular Facebook or Instagram feed and actually read a blog post! I would say the happiest moment of my week was...oh wait, I'll share it below as my #1.

This week I am thankful for:

1. Kai being back at hockey! I told Gary that nothing brings me more joy these days than watching my kids do what they love. I am so thankful that his foot is 80% to work on getting him back in shape.

2. Hockey for me. I am so thankful for the women's league at the Langley Hockey House. We play just once a week and I hope to continue for as long as possible. It's a great workout, fun team and a great level of competitiveness.

3. A husband who goes along with my plans. I suggested a hot tub and he said "sure". We do have some prep work that needs to happen. We ordered gravel yesterday and Gary needs to build the cement pad this weekend. He has made one before so I'm confident-ish he can do it. Then comes actually setting the hot tub up...I'm nervous that it's going to be a lot of work as it may not fit properly and I hope the electrical and chemical part goes okay too.

4. Clean counters and pretty flowers. Ahhhhh.

5. Being able to attend the kids' events. I don't usually go to the Street Parade, assemblies/chapels, Sports Day and end of the year field trips but thought I better do it now while I can! The kids had a great day (Team Purple and Yellow) and Kai's band was really fun to watch (our baby was dancing in the street!).

6. Kai's foot brace and cast being covered by our extended medical! I wasn't sure if they would be but that $190.00 is so appreciated. The Procare lace up hard sided brace is awesome.

7. New gluten-free flour to try out. We are trying to find the best value (good taste/best price) and tried out the PC brand and were pleasantly impressed. I do think a Costco size bag of GF flour will end up being the best.

8. Being able to recycle plastics. So good to learn about this!

9. YouTube videos. Our baby doesn't have any screen time except when I need a few minutes to take care of another kid. She loooooooooooooooooooves The Wheels on the Bus and the other sing-a-long songs.

10. Health. We had the stomach flu go through our home one by one and it got everyone except Kai. Then Nya had an infected bug bite on her eye that required a medical clinic visit and medication. Now (dare I say it) we are doing well!

What is something YOU are thankful for today?


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