Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Nya Turns Six

Our "baby" is now six years old. I am so thankful for her and the huge dose of sweetness she brings to our family. She can keep up with her brothers on almost any hike and is eager to do whatever the boys are (except riding without training wheels–we'll get there). She loves all things pink, purple and sparkly and dreams of wearing makeup one day. She doesn't want to get married and would like to live with us forever. She doesn't want to have children (due to the labour/delivery part) but I have a feeling that may change over the years. 

Her breakfast every day is a peanut butter wrap which she makes herself. She is very independent and doesn't need to be told twice to do anything (which is not the norm in our home). She appreciates routine and is very tied to the time; we are trying to teach her to be more flexible. This she gets from her mama.

Nya is very social–the more friends the better! They enjoy playing Family and Superheroes together. She also likes playing hockey with the boys and jumping on the trampoline trying to beat her record shooting hoops (I believe it is 9 in a row). Her very favourite activity is listening to music and singing and dancing. Gymnastics is also a love of hers and we hope to put her back in when she's a bit older. She doesn't watch a lot of TV but does enjoy playing games on the iPad when she's allowed (and would play forever if we let her). 

Nya is confident and outgoing and will try new things as long as they aren't too fast. She really enjoys hikes that involve rock climbing and has oodles of energy. She has a hard time falling asleep at night because she just gets excited about all that we've done and all that's happening the next day.

Nya's name means "purpose". The boys like to bug her by calling her "porpoise" which drives her bananas. I look forward to seeing what kind of young woman she'll be. I see a great encourager full of energy and confidence and I hope that continues. 

Nya Bear, you complete our family so well. You have so much grace for your wild brothers and your imperfect parents. You make us all feel like we can do anything. Thank you for holding our hands, filling our home with giggles, and offering words of encouragement each and every day. You are so loved.

Happy birthday, Nya Bear!


PS To remember: 45" tall and 42.5lbs


  1. Beautiful Louise! Happy Birthday Nya!!

  2. She is so sweet! Wish I had a daughter:)