Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Gary was gone this week on a canoeing trip (Powell River chain) so I am thankful that he should be home tonight! I held down the fort and for the first time there were no mechanical issues OR illnesses while he was gone.

This week I am thankful for:

1. A friend to babysit on Tuesday. I needed to bring Kai to hockey and dragging the rest of the crew along is not fun as it's a 2.5 hours total from leaving the house. She came over and watched the three other kids and then I could go to my own hockey game too. (Kai is # 9)

2. Beautiful sunshine. It's was hot Monday and Tuesday but I'll take it. Anyone else being a lot more conscious of sun exposure the older they get? I feel like I need to walk around with long sleeves but I'm a very warm person (sounds better than saying I sweat a lot).

3. Another good book. I can't believe that as a biology major I had never heard of her. If I teach Biology again I think I will read it to the class.

4. Financial stability. I'm glad that Gary has been at his job for 17 years and that I have also been able to bring in an income over the past 17 years whether working outside or inside the home full time or part time.

5. A healthy body. I am so thankful that it works like it's meant to. The last time I was sick sick was after Nya was born which was almost six years ago. Yay for a healthy functioning thyroid.

6. Being a mom. I always dreamed of having three kids and although it is a lot harder than I thought I'm so grateful it is my reality. I would love a sister for Nya but I'll just have to be her best buddy forever.

7. Movie night with the boys. I remember watching the original version of this as a kid so I was glad the boys wanted to watch with me. They enjoyed it I made it through with Koen's 1 million questions about who was who and why they were doing what they were doing.

8. Mother's Day cards. Kai played the trumpet as well while Nya sang but he asked me not to inlude it online.

9. My annual Triple O burger. That was my Mother's Day request.

10. Field trip with Nya Bear. I don't love field trips (aka being in charge of other people's kids in busy settings) but I'm good just hanging out with my girl! Baby was a visit with mom in the area so I was able to go on a nature walk with Nya and her class. She loved it and I did too.

What is something that YOU are thankful for today?


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