Thursday, April 26, 2018

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. Long time friends. I have a few solid friends that have experienced many stages of life with me. This past weekend we celebrated Ali's 40th with a Vancouver Mysteries activity. It felt like we were on Amazing Race and I was glad that the other women in my group took charge and I could just follow their lead. That might sound silly but I feel like I take charge all life long and it's nice to just be the helper. If you are looking for a birthday or stagette event, it is pretty fun (and I don't like games!). PS I am so thankful for friends that talk and listen equally, do you know what I mean? Have you met people who you ask one question and they talk for an hour and you're like, um, do you care about me?

2. Great women from church. I have a lot of great friends through our church and here are a few of them. We enjoyed brunch which I wish I could do every week because it's just good to catch up without kids and husbands. I normally only do 2-3 social events per week and this past one had so many so I think I'm good for a month now ;) 

3. This book. Not everyone will love it but it's so light and heavy at the same time. Her observations had me giggling and yet several times I found myself in tears.  I like that it covers fostering and trauma, too.

4. Babysitter in the house! On Tuesday I took Koen and the baby to a hockey game and left Kai in charge of Nya. FREEEEEEDOM!!!! (ish)

5. A new podcast. I have not read her book (but have it on hold). She is well spoken and the topics are a tad heavy as she has a terminal cancer diagnosis yet there is a lot to learn through it all. 

6. Working out six days a week. I have made it a priority over blogging stuff and mentally I feel so much better. I haven't really lost any weight (just the Easter weight I gained last month) but I feel more energetic for sure. PS Working out in front of a mirror is so motivating. I kid you not.

7. Booking local trips. So, our summer plans have changed as we have a baby and we're not sure how long she'll be with us. Instead of going across Canada we are doing local trips. So far we have Green Lake, Whistler and now Kelowna booked. We will just save up and do an all inclusive Mexico trip next Spring Break.

8. Delicious healthy treats. Okay, maybe this is why my weight loss stalled last week ;) Dream Bars by Oh She Glows are definitely a winner. I can't link to it as it's not online so you'll just have to get the book from the library or buy it. If you are looking for healthy recipes that are vegan or gluten-free she has some great ones!

9. The fact that we bought our house 12 years ago. We bought one quite a bit less than what we were approved for to ensure we could pay it off at a decent pace. And then, we never moved and put any extra money in each year to pay it down. I know you're not "supposed" to talk about money but the end is in sight and I am SOOOOOOO excited about that. 

10. My baby growing up. She's sounding out words and although her love for reading isn't out of this world, at least she loves when we read to her. 

What is something that YOU are thankful for today?



  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    I am thankful for starting a new job. I'm actually moving to Vancouver next week, and because of your blog, I feel like I really already know the area really well. So thank you!

    Bretton Saunders

  2. I'm thankful that God paints outside the lines I wanted. I not only have my son (adopted from Bulgaria) but we now have a foster son and I'm adopting from foster care. The last two boys were "unplanned" but they have been such a blessing.

    1. Wow, what a story you have Heather. You know my heart is full of love for these littles in care. Hope that transition to this adoption goes well!