Thursday, April 19, 2018

Thankful Thursday

This week I am thankful for:

1. "New" ski boots and skis. My goal is to go skiing once with Gary this upcoming winter. I got these off the bidding wars site for just $17 total. Even if I only go once and decide I now do not like skiing it still saves me money. Win win. I have not been in 18 years so I'm hoping a few bunny hill runs followed by a green one takes me right back.

2. An affordable fix for Kai's helmet. These helmets are not cheap so when the chin strap rusted off I was worried we would have to buy a new one (his is only 2 years old!) but we found a replacement chin strap at Sport Chek for $3.99. Yahoo!

3. Nya's love of doing hair combined with Gary's willingness to be the customer. It makes me laugh every time.

4. Art. Yahoo! Love that the kids are delving into it.

5. A kid who is open to coaching by parents. A few visuals were used to help with positioning in hockey. For some kids it can be so overwhelming knowing where they should be in relation to the puck and other players. 

6. Family photos. We had a mini session with Shannon Lee Lifestyle Photography and that was more than enough for our family! Thankful for some great images to put up in our home.

7. Finally seeing The Greatest Showman! We rented it for $4.99 off of Shaw on Demand. Gary and I watched the first night and then the kids watched it the next day with us. I can see it would definitely be better in theatre (or on a bigger TV than ours) and the boys both gave it two thumbs up. I liked it but it wasn't the best movie I've ever seen like most people seemed to be saying. That said, Gary and I are not musical people.

8. Having an almost 12-year-old. This stage is fun! I mean, I wish I was a sports psychologist because I don't know how to address the pressure he puts on himself but overall it's like talking to another adult sometimes. Fun fun.

9. Butter chicken on naan bread pizza. I'm sure it will get old but it is such a great pizza for our Friday nights. Yum yum.

10. Three of us in hockey. It is busy but it's good for all. Thankful that Kai has a teammate that can drive him when both Koen and I have a game at the same time. 

I would love to hear something that you are thankful for today. I'm assuming those in the Lower Mainland may mention the upcoming sunny weather!


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