Monday, April 16, 2018

Are You Ready to Let Your Creative Side Out?

How to express your creative self when you are full of self-doubt

I had been photographing families and weddings for several years when someone asked if I considered myself a photographer. I responded with "Not yet". I was self taught and therefore felt I needed credentials and experience, which is somewhat true, but I was working at the craft already so looking back, yes, I was a photographer. Why the insecurity and self-doubt?

How to express your creative self when you are full of self-doubt

This is similar to the space here; would I call myself a writer? I feel like my degree is in science and therefore I am not a writer. Yet if I were to challenge myself (who doesn't love a good self-talk), I do write and share it publicly. Why can't I be more than one thing? Why are we afraid to call ourselves creative beings? Is it comparison? Elizabeth Gilbert in Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear says our education is in our life experience and you don't need the academic degree. She speaks of entitlement in a positive sense; we are allowed to have a voice of our own.

We may feel like we have nothing to add as every topic has been written about but it has not yet been done by YOU. 

How to express your creative self when you are full of self-doubt

The overriding message in Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear is to take the risk of creating and doing which I have written about before here: At the Risk Of Happiness.  Often we try to wait for our creation to be perfect but we could be waiting a long time. Or forever.

Her recommendation is that done is better than good and that authenticity is valued over originality. 

I find that advice encouraging as I can be authentic and therefore it is original because our experiences and take on it are our own. There is also a healing involved in sharing our stories.

We get wrapped up in wondering what others may think but guess what? They are usually not thinking about us as anyway. So, get creative and put it your authentic pieces out there – whether it's your baking, writing, photography, graphic design, song-writing – and share it. There is no need to rush though as the process itself will grow you but make sure you hit "publish" without overthinking or allowing fear to hold you back. Like now. Boom. Publish.

Creativity is intelligence having fun – Albert Einstein

Is there something creative you have been meaning to do? What is preventing you from moving forward?


What prevents us from expressing ourselves creatively? How do we get past that roadblock?

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