Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thankful Thursday

You know those moments where you experience great joy? Do you sometimes go to the place of thinking about what could ruin it? There is vulnerability in experiencing joy and hoping that it won't end up with us being hurt. We're afraid to fully embrace it and that is called foreboding joy. As someone who has experienced loss, I can go there. According to Brene Brown in Braving the Wilderness.

"The only way to combat foreboding joy is gratitude."

Thankful Thursday

Another great reason to practice gratitude, am I right? Let's allow ourselves to feel true joy.

This week, I am grateful for:
1. A date night! It is not often that we get one because I don't like dealing with childcare. It felt so good to attend a local event without kids even though I know they would've loved it. We went to Glow and you can read about it here.

2. A weekend away! I've been away twice since having the kids. Once I went to Vancouver for a night and another time I went to Harrison with my sisters. This one was a retreat in Chilliwack with other Christian women with an online presence. We worked and talked business and life; it's rare that you find people that really get what you do online-wise and why. 

3. Time to explore the trails in Chilliwack. I spent a couple of hours in the morning exploring and really loved the trails in the promontory area where we were. I could definitely see myself living there. Well, maybe except for when it snows because it is so hilly!

4. Taking the Enneagram test finally. I include this photo because it's my friend Shawna who encouraged me to take it. If you are interested in learning more about yourself (and possibly your spouse etc), I recommend taking this 5 minute quiz and then search out information on your type. I'm a type 1 which surprised me.

5. Instant Pot on sale. I'm not thankful for this thing yet because I'm still unsure as we really did not need a new appliance. I've tried three things in it so far and will make a couple of more before coming to any conclusions.

6. Goat cheese. On the retreat the best thing was that we had a chef! Not only did we not have to cook but beautiful meals were made for us. Several of the salads had goat cheese which I forgot I liked so I bought some when I got home. It tastes great with pesto on a cracker :)

7. Health for my Nya Bear. I kept her home because she had the sniffles and several of her classmates are immuno-compromised. In the past it was common for her cold to turn into bronchitis but so far with the help of proactive puffers, probiotics, oils, and just getting older/bigger, I feel like we are much more in control of her respiratory health.

8. Cuddles with my boys. My feelings for these kids are such a roller coaster. They fight so much which makes me lose my mind and then they say sweet and mature things which make me feel like they are some of the greatest/funniest/wisest people out there. Welcome to parenting, folks.

9. Organization. I love having a place for everything, it makes me feel calm. These lockers are still super awesome after all these years! They were made from an IKEA TV stand which you can read about here.

IKEA hack of a TV stand to lockers for the kids

10. A tie against the top team. You guys, we've improved so much and I love it! So happy to be playing sports again.

What is something that you are thankful for today?


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  1. I want those lockers. But sadly, no spot to put them :(