Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thankful Thursday

A wild heart is awake to the pain in the world, but does not diminish its own pain. A wild heart can beat with gratitude and lean in to pure joy without denying the struggle in the world–Brene Brown in Braving the Wilderness.

We know what's going on in the world, we will do our part, we can still have joy in our life.

This speaks to me because at times I feel like "Louise, there are so many big issues in the world. How silly your gratitude is in the grand scheme." But it is good to live in this tension between acknowledging reality and embracing joy. As with each Thursday, this is what I am thankful for today:

Thankful Thursday

1. Heating pad made with love. My mom made this about 15 years ago and it's still going strong. Kai injured his neck in PE and was able to receive comfort from my mom in a physical way even though she is not here. Thankful that he is feeling better a few days later.

2. Bar stools on sale. Our old ones were broken and I wasn't actively searching but with the sales on this week I found these at Home Outfitters for $59 each. They're comfortable and work well. The kids use these often so I wanted something they could climb up onto easily.

3. A home I love. We have lived here for 12 years and we spend a lot of time in our home. I'm thankful that we bought when it was just half the price and that it works well for our family of five sn sometimes six or seven.

4. Hockey for Kai and I. We love playing at the Langley Hockey House. It's local, affordable and the same day each week. Triple win. Oh, and fun of course!

5. Glow ChristmasI get to go the Fraser Valley's newest Christmas experience tonight and I'm really looking forward to it. I love when there are awesome LOCAL events as driving into Vancouver is not my favourite.

6. Upcoming Retreat. I'm going away for the weekend with some other women who are part of a Christian online creative community (A Little Light). I never do this but most they are also introverts so should be good ;)

7. Fostering resolution. We were going to get a baby to foster this week. Then, 24 hours later we received news that we weren't. Fostering requires you to be so flexible and this is not my gift. Glad it all worked out for the baby and just waiting to see what God's plan for us is in this area. We have made our requests a little more strict in regards to age and needs so it could be a little longer (rather than immediate as it has been in the past).

8. Work. I was able to work yesterday as Friday is a pro-D day for my kids (which is why I'm madly doing my Thankful Thursday now, I forgot today was Thursday!). Love working outside the home once a week to put on my teacher hat and make some money.

9. Costco swing. It's used for getting their energy out but also for quiet cuddly time.

Costco swing

10. Boundaries. I'm usually a people-pleaser but in the past week I have said "no" to two situations in which I would've changed my family's plans to accommodate someone else. This is mostly fostering related and it feels good to be working on this. I wish I had gained more skills in this area when I was younger. It's a tricky thing between helping others and putting your family's needs first.

If this Thankful Thursday seems rushed, I apologize. Thank YOU for reading. I love it when people say then enjoy reading these posts. Also, awesome news of the week? When the Coquitlam dog walker was found safe and sound. Big high five to our Search and Rescue teams.

What is something that you are thankful for today?


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