Thursday, November 02, 2017

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

Every Thursday I take time to reflect on 10 things that I am grateful for. I started years ago and didn't mean to go for so long but now I can't help it. There has been heaviness in my heart this week as an old student of mine passed away. He was such a kind and friendly boy (I say boy because I still picture him as a grade 9 student) who always had a huge smile on his face. Always. I think of his family and all that they are going through right now. Loss is just so, so hard. It's a messy process and it hurts for a long time (I'm 12 years in and still dealing with it). There is no easy way to switch gears except to say that even in the hard times I have gone through, I let myself feel all the feelings yet tried to remember to focus on the grateful piece too.

This week I am thankful for:
1. Family photos! It's often a lot of emotional energy to get these done but it's always worth it; our kids are growing so quickly and this stage is so important to me–so much shaping and guiding.

2. A great walk to Lower Falls. One of our favourites which you can read about here

3. Sunshine. It deserves it's own post because it is such a difference maker!

4. Finding a deodorant that works and is easy to make. You can check out the recipe here.

5. Rainbow Day. I love how excited kids get over theme days. So simple, so fun.

6. Counters and backsplash are done! I'm so happy with how it turned out. And now we will eat noodles and rice for a month to save up money again. Just kidding but kitchens sure are pricey to reno and we didn't even do cabinets or appliances!

7. My crafter. She sat and decorated this pumpkin for an hour and although it just ended up with some googly eyes and leaves glued to it (and random paint dripping everywhere), she loved it.

8. Jesus + Justice conference. I went to IJM Canada's conference held at our church. One of the speakers was Eugene Cho and although I'm just part way through his book it is a great challenge. I love the subtitle: Are we more in love with the idea of changing the world than actually changing the world? We're all into justice until there is a personal cost.

9. The opportunity to take an intense marriage course this weekend. We need it but oh is it going to be hard work! 

10. 2016 photobook is done! Oh my goodness, I can't believe it took me until October to finish but it's done. The kids LOVE looking through them. Not sure I'll finish 2017's before next October at this rate...

11. A safe Halloween. It was our most relaxing one yet! We didn't have to help anyone up and down the stairs (every house in our neighbourhood has stairs) and the sidewalks were calmer (fewer people) than in previous years which was great. 

The things I am thankful for may seem trivial but it does help. I would encourage you to think through your life right now and name the things you are thankful for. I would love to hear some of them!



  1. Your family photos are beautiful and your kitchen looks fabulous. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you!! I do love having a nice "new" kitchen :)

  2. Two big (to me) things to be thankful for: a chiro who seems to have finally figured out how to fix my knee pain so I can run again!! HUGE. And a job that I don't dread going to - feels good!

    1. That is awesome that it's chiro that's helping with your knee, I would assume physio. I'm so glad you are enjoying work again :)